Online Child Nutrition Payments

Online Lunch Payments via Credit Card or Check:


Please use legal names of students and list students for each purchase.  Multiple students can be added to the same cart and purchased in a single transaction. 

Note: Please allow 48 hours for payments to be posted to student accounts.  If you have payment questions, please contact Carmen Griffith at 208-476-0500.


Grade K-6 Regular Price Lunch:

Number of Grade K-6 Meals
K-6 Student Name(s) or info


Reduced Price Lunch: 

Number of Reduced Price Meals
Student Name(s) or info



Grade 7-12 Regular Price Lunch: 

Number of Grade 7-12 Meals
7-12 Student Name(s) or info


Adult Price Lunch:

Number of Meals
Name(s) or info