ContentKeeper (CK) is our content filter. All student and staff accounts will be filtered both on and off campus. If you wish to use a JSD171 account on a personal device, you will need to load the the trust certificate for CK. If you do not load the trust certificate, your browser will not be happy and you will receive privacy warnings and be unable to use the browser.

The CK trust certificate is available HERE. There are installation instructions at this link as well.

Students and staff can use their AD or Google credentials to authenticate with CK. Remember, AD credentials are just your username and Google credentials have the form of an email address.


Chromebooks are available for use for all students. The proper use and care of the Chromebook is the responsibility of the student and, ultimately, the parent. All students will be taught the proper use and handling of the Chromebooks. Chromebooks will be assigned to students on an annual basis in early elementary grades and on a multi-year basis for upper grades. It is in the best interest of the student to take good care of the Chromebook assigned to them. This will lead to the best user experience for the student and the most reliable and longest life for the device.

Here is a link to a document addressing the proper Chromebook use and care.