Nutrition Services at JSD171
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What's for breakfast and lunch?

Our Nutrition site is full of great information for our patrons.  Please go and check it out!

There are links to applications, Nutrition and Fitness tips, and links to many places
for more Nutrition Research.

Full Nutrition Site

Online Lunch Payments via Credit Card or Check:


Please use legal names of students and list students for each purchase.  Multiple students can be added to the same cart and purchased in a single transaction.

Grade K-6 Regular Price Lunch:

Number of Grade K-6 Meals
K-6 Student Name(s) or info


Grade 7-12 Regular Price Lunch: 

Number of Grade 7-12 Meals
7-12 Student Name(s) or info


Reduced Price Lunch: 

Number of Reduced Price Meals
Student Name(s) or info

Adult Price Lunch:

Number of Meals
Name(s) or info