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Joint School District 171 :: Welcome to Joint School District 171
Welcome to Joint School District 171

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

To provide a safe and exeptional
learning environment.

To prepare and inspire each student
to reach their full potential.

The school district will become a model of innovation, initiative, and learning; Leading the state in excellence.


 Will You Give Us a Hand?

Clarity / BrightBytes Technology Survey

We are conducting a survey of technology use and access for parents, students, and staff.  Please take a moment to participate by filling out the appropriate survey.  You can find links to each survey on the "Highlights" section of the website for each school in the district.  The survey is only available until Monday, December 8, 2014 so please take a few minutes right now to participate.  The information from this survey will help us to better meet the needs of our students and community.