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Nutrition News

 September 14, 2020


No, really.  Take the meals! 


USDA announced they are extending funding on emergency feeding programs through December 2020 (or until funds have been exhausted), to help schools get food to children.


All Joint School District 171 students attending face-to-face learning will be offered breakfast and lunch meals at NO cost.  This will also provide additional time for parents to catch up any accounts that may be in the rears.  Students wishing to purchase a la carte items will be charged for those items.  Only complete breakfast and lunch meals will be available at no charge during this time.


JSD #171 will also be providing FREE meals for all children ages 1-18.  Meals will be available Monday through Thursday.  Parents wishing to take advantage of these meals will need to pick those meals up at Timberline or Orofino Jr/Sr High kitchens.  Parents are encouraged to call the kitchen where they plan to pick up meals between 7:00 am and 10:00 am.  This will ensure enough meals are prepared and what time to pick those meals up.  Each child will receive both breakfast and lunch at the same time.


Reasons why you should take advantage of the free school meals being offered:

*     It extends your food budget and saves you time preparing meals.

*     It's comforting and familiar to your kids to have food from school.

*     It's not just for low-income families.

*     You're helping the local school nutrition program stay financially afloat.

*     You're helping the nutrition program and local farms use up food inventory=less food waste.


Please call Timberline kitchen 208-476-0506 or OJSH kitchen 208-476-0431 to place your orders.

Call Carmen Griffith at 208-476-0500 with any other program questions.






2020-21 School Lunch Updates                                                                                                     August 27, 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians:


We are so excited to see all the smiling faces back in school.  It is a scientific fact that students learn better and have less behavioral issues when their bellies are full.  The Child Nutrition department has made a few changes in the way meals will be served but overall your child will continue to receive nutritious meals at all JSD171 sites.


Look for new menu items and encourage your child to try something new.  We believe they are going to love every one of them.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  Welcome back!


To see our Provision 2 breakfast public release, click HERE.


 2019-20 School Lunch Updates                                                                                                     August 28, 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome back to a new school year! The JSD171 school district food service staff is looking forward to serving your children nutritious, great-tasting meals that support their achievements in school and promote healthy lifestyles. We strive to provide outstanding service and high quality “kid friendly” meals that meet the latest federal and state requirements. Some of the goals I have for this year is adding more options for JR/HS level. Please encourage your children to participate in tasting these new items. They just might become a new favorite! We will also be offering the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program at TES, OES & PES. This is a great opportunity to introduce new and exciting items while offering a nutritious afternoon snack for K-6 students. I am always available for comments, questions or concerns and we look forward to seeing the students on the first day of school! 

To see the 2019-20 newsletter click HERE. 


Carmen Griffith
Director of Food Services




2017-18 School Lunch Applications Expiring                                                                                                      October 16, 2018


Parents and students of JSD171, time is running out. The 2017-18 lunch applications will expire on October 17, 2018.


Lunch applications are not just about receiving free meals at school. They are one of the deciding factors that contribute to funding received by Joint School District #171. Some examples would be, the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grants at OES and TES ($26,370), e-rate funding for our technology department ($531,000), Title funds district wide ($290,341) and other grant funding in district as well as throughout our communities.


Starting October 18, all students without a new application on file will be charged $2.50 (K-6) or $2.70 (7-12) for school lunch. If you have not submitted a 2018-19 school lunch application, please do so ASAP. Forms may be found on the district web site under the Nutrition Services tab or at any of the district schools.


If you are not sure you have a valid form on file please contact Carmen Griffith, Food Service Director at 208-476-0500 or email.



JSD#171 – Food Service Update:  FFVP                                                                                                                    September 7, 2018                                                                                                            


Exciting things are happening at Orofino and Timberline Elementary Schools. Each of these sites have been awarded the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant for the 2018-19 school year.


This is nothing new for Timberline Elementary. They have been a recipient of the FFVP since 2009. Orofino Elementary got a “taste” of the program in 2016-17 but was not awarded the program last year.


The FFVP grant provides funding that is designated to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for 1-6 graders. This program is separate from the breakfast and lunch programs and can not be served during those meals.


Kitchen staff prepares the fresh fruits or vegetables daily and distributes them to the classrooms for a healthy afternoon snack. This program also gives teachers and staff the opportunity to create discusses with students on the variety of fruits and vegetables as well as the importance of eating healthy.


USDA describes the program as follows.


“FFVP is an important tool in our efforts to combat childhood obesity. The Program has been successful in introducing school children to a variety of produce that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to sample. The various partnerships that FNS (Food and Nutrition Service) and state agencies have developed in the public and private sectors, as well as the dedicated work of school administrators, have contributed to the overall success and acceptance of the program. FFVP is consistent with the and supports the Health and Medicine Division (HMD) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s recommendations to provide healthier snack choices in schools.”


The Program is Nation-wide in selected schools in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


Cross your fingers that this opportunity continues for years to come.




JSD171-Food Service Update:  Exciting Changes                                                                                                   August 28, 2018


New and exciting things are coming! When students return to OJSH and TJSH on August 27th they will see a change in their food options for lunch. A salad bar will be in place at both sites with a variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from. This will allow students to choose their own fruits and vegetables. It will also provide students a vegetarian option. Along with the full salad bar, students will have more than one entrée option when they purchase the full meal.

In addition to the salad bar and choice of entrees, students will have the option of purchasing items from a A La Carte line. This line will carry Smart Snack approved items such as pizza, beef sticks, cheese sticks, yogurt parfaits, whole grain chips along with a few surprise items. With the variety of food items offered, there will be something for everyone. Students will need to come prepared with the necessary funds to purchase these items. Students will not be allowed to charge for items from the a la carte line or extras in the lunch line.  

PayPal payments can be made through the district web site. This has proven to be very successful and provides a much-needed convenience for our customers. This year we will be taking it one-step further by setting up card scanners at each kitchen. This will give us the ability to take debit card payments at each site.

With good changes coming, there is also some not so good changes. JSD171 has been able to offer Provision 2 breakfast district wide since 2006. We were required to run a new base year in 2017-18 school year. In order to qualify for the Provision 2 breakfast program free and reduced meals served were tracked at each site. OJSH did not purchase enough free and reduced meals to financially justify running the program. The district has three options: End the breakfast program at OJSH; allow all OJSH students to continue receiving free breakfast at a cost of $40,000 to the district or continue to offer breakfast to OJSH students at a cost to the student. All other schools in the district will continue the Provision 2 breakfast program.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Students who eat breakfast are able to concentrate better and it improves their ability to learn. Ending OJSH’s program would greatly impact a significant number of students who rely on this meal.

With that being said, breakfast will continue to be offered to all students at OJSH but at a cost to the student. Those qualifying for free lunches will also qualify for free breakfast. Those who qualify for reduced lunches will be charged .30 for breakfast. Those who qualify for paid lunch will be charged $1.80 for breakfast.

Students should come to school prepared to eat breakfast before the bell. OJSH breakfast will be served 7:30 am – 8:00 am.   They will not be eating in the classroom, nor will their teacher be bringing them to the cafeteria to receive breakfast. Students at OJSH have received provision 2 breakfast all of their school years so this will be a big change for them.

With the increase in lunch charges we ask that students do not charge breakfast meals. Please send the appropriate funds needed with your student, or use the PayPal option on the district web site.

It is very important that everyone completes a lunch application annually. The Income for eligibility has increased this year so do not assume you will not quality.

The lack of applicates that qualify greatly impact the school’s ability to operate these programs.   They also generate E-rate funding for our technology department, Title Funds and Grant funding for the community as well as our schools.

Lunch applications will be available during registration. They can also be found on the district web site, through the Food Service Department or at any building.

Lunch prices for the 2018-19 school year will be $2.50 (K-6); $2.70 (7-12). Reduced meal prices will remain at .40.   Lunch prices are determined by a formula provided by the state department.

1051 Michigan Ave | Orofino, Idaho 83544 | Phone: 208-476-5593