Teacher Resources

It is our goal to have district and school links to important teacher resources in these pages.


Please send us some of the great links you find for help with lesson plans, common core, content specific help, or any other teaching site you just think is wonderful.


On this page, we will provide some main links that teachers need frequently.  On the sub pages, there are Common Core links, Evaluation Forms, The Media Directors link to Common Core help, and for right now, an "Other" until there is enough links to divide further.

 Idaho State Department of Education


District Forms:


Professional Travel Request Form with Procedures                                            

For requesting attendance of educational conferences, workshops, seminars and other improvement sessions.                      
Employee Absence Request Form For requesting Personal Leave, Bereavement and Vacation days.
Mileage Claim Form For requesting mileage reimbursement
Employee Monthly Time Sheet
For recording actual hours worked